We are nominated as BEST NEW BRAND on QVC!!

Pinch us!!! We must be dreaming!

A few short weeks after starting KRMA Foods in April 2020,  the first customer to give us a chance was QVC!!
Pretty incredible, considering that most brands try their entire life to get on QVC without such luck. 

But our lucky star, or as we like to call it, the KRMA Angels, decided we would get our big break. 

We have been airing consistently the past year, and this year QVC has nominated us as “ BEST NEW BRAND” 

We still can’t believe it and we are filled with so much gratitude.

And we need your help voting!!!!

Starting July 14th at midnight, and until August 15th, you will be able to vote for us!!

Here is the link to vote:   https://qvc.co/KRMAFoodAwardsEM

You can vote once per device ( phone, computer, Ipad) so please please please vote, share, post, in stories, anything at all you are able to do will help greatly!!!! 

With gratitude,

Krystel, Rachel & Marine



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