Good KRMA – Charity to give back to the Community

When we Started KRMA Foods Mid April 2020, we asked ourselves what was important to us. 
First, We knew we wanted to bring back the love and connection through food and entice families & friends to the table again. Both Krystel and I ( Marine ) grew up in France, where food is one of the love language. We moved to the US almost 20 years ago and enjoy going back to Europe, always looking forward to some family time around a nice table filled with yummy foods.
“From the smell, flavor, note, aroma, packaging and overall brand vibe, our promise is a culinary surprise and delight.We promise feel-good foods with ingredients that you can feel good about! ‘’ 
When we moved on to our Mission & Vision, we realized that clearly, being let go from our dream job in the middle of a pandemic had to mean something. We just had to find the meaning! We also realized how grateful we were that we were given the gift of choosing our next endeavor. 
And this is organically the Mission we came up with: 

”Our Mission is to create high-vibes all around us and help our customers and tribe live the high-vibe life by bringing products that are good for you, good for the community, and that create an amazing culinary experience, making your heart smile all around.”

Our motivation has always been to show up with a genuine desire to serve, be our best selves, bring smiles and make lasting impressions through the food we serve, and most importantly, through our strong shared values. Choosing KRMA as a company name is a constant reminder of our commitment to serve and bring happiness to the World. 

We are the official coffee break partner of Little Smiles of Florida, and we provide Pastries to Palm Beach Children’s Hospital, in hopes that the little treats help bring a little love to the children and their families during hard time. 

For a list of the charities we support please visit our Website.

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