Workout For A Purpose

About this time last year we were getting ready for Christmas Parties, Holiday Parades, group workouts, fishing tournaments, Holiday 5k Races, etc…
Then 2020 Happened and we all know how that turned out… It has been a challenging year for many. Reaching out to people for donations in 2020 feels a bit tone deaf considering what everyone has already been through.
But here is the thing. The community who was already hurting before Covid is still Hurting. Probably even more than ever. Wether it is little kiddos with diabetes, Children in hospitals or foster homes, or even cancer patients.
So how do we help? At KRMA Foods, ( link to ) We decided to partner with Vitality Online Training ( link to and started Workout for a Purpose. 
Each Month we host a Saturday morning workout to support a local non Profit. 
Virtual Conference
How does it work? 40 minutes of Workout, body weight only. The goal is to get us moving, smile and raise money for local charities. Access to a mat is helpful but not mandatory. Water and Big Smiles required 😉
Workouts are free to join, we just suggest a donation of $25 to the charity of the Month. Last Month we raised $700 for the Sari Asher Center for Integrative Cancer Care!
Please consider joining us on December 5th at 11am.(Link to this )
Our Goal for December is to feed 5 families , provide them a delicious holiday meal and add a little cheer to their holidays.
To follow our Workout for a purpose journey, find us on IG www.instagram/krmafoods or FB where all the events and details are always listed! 
Xoxo, M.

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